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Dated to the late Neolithic Period, this figure is one of thousands of the mysterious "Clycladic figures." While there are no written texts to confirm the use of these objects, most of the statuettes are of curvy female figures, suggesting they are depictions of a fertility goddess. These are one of the few reminders of early Cylcladic Civilization.
The kerons was a vessel used to hold offerings to the gods. This one, from the second well-documented pre-Hellensitic civilization, the Minoans, was probably used for burials.
This necklace is from the third major pre-Hellensitic civilization, the Mycenaeans. The expense of the stones, which probably not everyone could afford, shows some early signs of social stratification.
This relief celebrating King Esarhaddon, King of the Assyrians, is a reminder that Hellenistic Greece was not isolated from the rest of the world. They would soon begin contact with the Persian empire, a battle which would have lasting impacts on Greek civilization.
This helmet from Corinth serves as a reminder that while Athens and Sparta were the key players throughout much of the Classical and Hellenistic period, other Greek city-states existed and played key roles in the politics of the region, even before there eponymous wars.
This gold diadem is from the island of Kos. After the Persian Wars, Kos was a member of the Delian League. Its location in the Eastern Aegean made it an ideal "ally" for Athens. Once again, this ornate item is an indicator of social stratification.
This piece of pottery is from one of the major Hellenistic polis, Athens, after the height of it's empire. Depicting Aphrodite
This mosaic dates is from the Hellenistic city of Pergamon. This city, left to the Attalids by Alexander the Great, is one of the most magnificent of the late Greek world. It is representative of how encompassing Alexander's rule was.
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