Art Gallery

Compiled by Jacob Kurt

"Uncle Sam is Calling YOU!" James Flagg 1917 Painting I am entering the Marine Corps after graduation from college.
"Sands of Iwo Jima" Edward Clark 1949 Photograph I respect the men that fought an upwards battle against those rooted in the vast tunnel systems on Iwo Jima.
"Iwo Jima Memorial" Felix de Weldon 1946 Statue Comparison to the last photograph of the power and deed that was accomplished on that pacific island during World War ll.
"United States Marine Corps" Derived from the Royal Marines' "Globe and Laurel" 1775 Relief I aspire to be a Marine.
"Atomic Bomb at Nagasaki" Unknown Photographer 1945 Photograph I really enjoy WWll history and this is one of the most significant bombings in history.
"Arlington Cemetery" Francis Miller 1966 Photograph This is one of the most humbling and honorable photographs I have ever seen. It shows what sacrifice really looks like.
"An Interior View of the Colosseum, Rome" Artist Unknown Date Unknown Paint, Acrylic This painting relates to me that as a kid and teenager, I fought a lot, not because I wanted to, but because I had to.
"Breech Loading Cartridge Revolver" Photographer Unknown Date of Origin:1847 Craft The original and famous gun of the Wild West. The granddad of all handguns that are worth anything.
"Rosary" Mary, the Mother of God 1635-1640 Craft Compared to the Colt Firearm, this is a much more dangerous weapon, used against Satan himself and all his lies deceit.
"St. Michael" Fa Presto 1663 Paint, Acrylic I live in St. Michael's Hall on Campus, I thought it would be appropriate to give him a shout-out.
"The Good Thief" Cherubino Alberti 1850 Drawing I like to think of myself as a great sinner who is rejected by the world but still finds forgiveness from my God.
"Caos Graffiti" CAOS 2012 Paint, Spray Can I actually do some tagging myself, and I wanted to express that side of me.
"Geometric Knife Drawing" Cho, Byung Wang 2011 Paint The method used by the artist is done with a knife, whiz I think is a combination of craft and art.
"Christmas" Nina Leen 1958 Photograph Because the Christmas Season is upon us I thought I would throw in some spirit!
"The Starry Night" Vincent Van Gogh 1889 Paint, Acrylic Since I have been in Atchison, I have been able to gaze upon the constellations, as well as this is a popular piece and I wanted to throw in a more colorful piece.