The Creative Art of purple is ROYALTY 

I chose this picture because the combination of color to bring out the purple.
At one point royalty was the only one to wear purple. This was a great picture to see that even the common people whore this color.
I love the detail of this picture and how the small hint of color pops out.
I love how fun and creative this pictures is with the color purple.
This artist is very creative in capturing the modern day life of today.
The unique battle between upper and lower class.
This is a very beautiful piece hand made with silk.
I love how this artist made the weirdest combinations of stuff look cool.
I love how they created the port in the background.
The woman in the back holding the sun in her is so beautiful like the sun dancing with the earth.
I like how simple this picture looks.
look how beautiful and detail this jacket and skirt the color really pops to me.
Two cage birds in society stuck in a false reality.