Smooth textures          (shiny things)

Diana is the Goddess of the hunt, moon ,and birthing in Roman culture. This sculpture depicts her hunting Acteon, whom she turned into a deer. The statue is made of gold.
Venus is the Roman Goddess of love. This statue was probably kept in a home for personal worship and the statue itself is made of silver.
This is a silver figure of a llama maybe used as a decretive figure, toy, or religious symbol.
A Qur'an is the central religious text of Islam and this is one of the elaborate cases used to house the scriptures. Its made of gold and decorated with various gemstones.
Catherine the great is one of the most renown and longest ruling females to rule in Russia. The egg and base are made of gold.
This appears to be a jewelry box used in the early 1800's made of gold and then embellished with turquoise all around it.
This is another faberge easter egg that was also presented to Maria Fedorovna by her husband. This one though is made of gold and whatever the blue stones are.
This plague depicts the Mesopotamian chief Goddess of female divinity as she is riding a horse. The Plague is made go gold but would have been displayed on leather or wood.
This is a spacer bead used in jewelry. Its made of gold.
This is a bracelet beautifully decorated with flowers, vines and angels made out of precious metals and stones. The ring is gold and the angels are silver. The flowers and designs are made of gemstones.
This is a pendent in the shape of a parrot on a branch made in the mid-1500's. The parrot is made of gold and various gemstones and five pearls hang from the center.
Snuff is a smokeless tobacco product that is inhaled through the noise. This is a beautifully decorated box that was used to hold snuff. The box is made of gold and over three thousand diamonds.
This is a brooch depicting a woman who appears to be under water and an octopus is swimming above her. The brooch is made of gold,silver, a pearl, diamonds, and a green gemstone.
Tiffany & Co. was founded in 1837 and is eel known for there diamond jewelry. This is a corsage pin is in the shape of a realistic iris flower. Its made of gold and various gemstones.
This ring was used as a memorial for the dead. Its made of gold and over metals.
Augustus was the founding emperor of the Roman Empire. This depicts his achievements and his successors achievements. This is made of onyx.