Contemporary gallery

By Alfonso Jimenez

This paintwork seems so relaxing. Some hands surrounded by nature, it's deeply relaxing and soothing, I like the bright colours just as well.
This painting's just as random as the other ones. There's something I find it to be so cool, and it's the random things making it. It's art you know, you can't always express it, you simply feel it.
This is a really weird feeling towards the artwork, since I have no idea of what I'm looking at. All I can say is that as simple as it seems, it's pretty awesome. The colourful items attract me to it.
This sort of person filled with words is so outstanding, it might as well be overused in some times, although I think it's amazing every time I see it. The best things I like about this is the size.
This is a random scene, simply a woman walking up the stairs and a man on the phone. That appears to be it, but the neon colours filling it seems so much than what it is.
I find this street art work so creative and amazing, instead of having some boring white walls, they decided to push the limits and use the space to do this alien invasion paint work.
You may see a dark hallway, as well as I do, I can't see anything beyond it myself. Makes me curious what the artist or photographer wanted to express throughout this dark hallway.
This is clearly some sort of Chinese art, from which I haven't been attracted to whatsoever. Although there's something I find amusing about this painting; The amount of effort into it, very detailed.
I don't really understand the concept of a broken watermelon, but there's clearly something beyond this meaning, the painting itself I find it to be interestingly soothing.
Now in for this painting; I have no idea what's going on, I did find the original picture, and found pretty interesting how the artist added all these random items, it makes it random, which I enjoy.
Credits: All media
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