The theme of life and the faces that stays with us

By Timothy Hilbert. This gallery contains some of the faces that have struck me and stayed with me. I think they create an effect on the mind that makes me think of something greater than what it is on the canvas. These pieces highlight why art is so important to the world.

The Scream is so much more than what is seen. Whatever is bothering him is off the screen which makes it even more powerful. Edvard Munch's masterpiece is essential to the art world.
This piece by Giovanni Madama is very colorful. I think that Mary and baby Jesus are really brought to life in this. It captured me because of his use of color and imagery.
This piece by Hans Holbein is plain, but it speaks volumes. The merchant is writing a letter and it could say anything. The imagination will go from there. The visual technique highlights that era.
This iconic image of one of our founding fathers, George Washington is one of my favorite pieces of all time. The simple portrait speaks of his life and all of the things he has done in one simple pose. It highlights the American Dream.
This painting fascinates me. Why is this beautiful young woman carrying a pumpkin? No one knows but we all can create our own opinions on why. The style Faust Zonaro used is beautiful and how it contrasts the orange pumpkin with the green backgrounds.
This portrait of a young man in red by Raffaello Sanzio is a simple yet beautiful painting. The renaissance style of this painting really highlights that era. The use of red brings a certain feeling to the viewers.
Ecce Homo by Tizano Cadore is a striking image of Christ. The dark, bleak colors make for a beautiful and honest interpretation of Jesus. His red piece of clothing represents the blood he has lost saving all of us on the cross.
This style of painting is very interesting. I like this particular piece because the man's face reminds me of the unidentified man in the Taman Shud case. That case has always fascinated me just like this image does too.
Dali. I love this painting because I think Dali is a genius. His work is brilliant and what sticks out to me in this piece is of course his eyes and the pointy mustache. This is a great visual image of one of the greatest artists of all time.
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