Nature's Harmony-AG

This a powerful gallery showing the harmony of nature. The pieces are constantly changing...this is your chance. The pictures go from dark colors, to bright colors, to soft colors. The pieces flow really well. Lots of pieces are done by Van Gogh and Monet. Thank You!-Annabelle Gillespie

This piece really shows how nature flows well.
I really like how romantic this peace is. I love how the reflection is on the water.
The pastel colors in this pieces really draws you in. It shows many cool colors.
I chose this picture because I love the pops of color.
I put this picture in my gallery because I love the abstract brush strokes.
This picture is very appealing because the colors really move your eyes around the painting.
This picture shows many different shades of green that I love.
This picture is in my gallery because it's a busier painting that really catches you eye.
This picture has "softer" colors which really helps that paintings blend into the lighter ones.
I really like the light purple color in the flowers.
This picture is in the gallery because it has a color, but not a bright color.
This picture is in my gallery because it really shows how "soft" and harmonic nature is.
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