Lighthouses are the sentinel of the oceans and seas.  Lighthouses were constructed in order to show the entrances to waterways, estuaries, dangerous shoals, and other important points.  Lighthouses can be found along the coastline, on rocky ledges, and in the ocean itself.  Lighthouses have been used to guide sailors into safer waters for centuries.  The lighthouse has a beacon that shines at night to help people find safer waters.  During the day, the lighthouse has markers that also help guide people to safer waters.  Each lighthouse is unique in appearance.  This makes it possible for people to know where they are,  In history, each lighthouse had a keeper who made sure the light stayed lit,  Today, the lighthouses have automated lights that do not need a full time keeper.  To me, lighthouses are majestic and strong.  They represent a part of our history that was both dangerous and romantic.  I hope you enjoy looking at my collection of lighthouses.  My goal for this collection is to get the viewer to gain an appreciation for our beacons of the seas.