A Gods dream

Mythology, has had an enormous contribution to the world of art. Spatial perspective is a very distinct characteristic mythological paintings have. If you take a closer look at some of the pieces, you'll almost always notice the distant environment in the background. Even when in a smaller area you can still make out a realistic spatial background.

Looking at this painting, you can see Venus the god of love. You can also make out doves and other helpers flying over her inside this mythical realm. Venus is covered in beautiful drapery and appears delighted by her surroundings. Spatial perspective is included in this picture as well, looking at the clouds in the background as they seem to fade away the further they get.
Depicted in this picture Apollo and Diana slay all of Niobe's fourteen children to avenge their mother Leto. You can see the swarm of dead bodies laying there lifeless on the ground while Apollo and Diana fly off in the distant background. Which is actually considered spatial perspective as well. You can also make out a beautiful background with a waterfall, mountains and the city.
This picture is very interesting. We have the Greek god Pan, a group of cupids, Echo who's the nude in the foreground, and two older ladies above her one of which is yet to be identified. The woman on her right is considered to be her protector. The woman on her left is yet to be identified but is considered a goddess due to her wardrobe. The subject of the picture is love, but we don't know which direction it's coming from. Looking further into the picture we see a distant city in the background demonstrating the artist eye for spatial perspective.
The Abduction of Europa. Depicted in this master piece is the God Jupiter disguised as a white stallion. Europa is being taken away from her land across the sea far far away. You can make out critical details in the drawing like the city in the background demonstrating spatial perspective. Also you see the emotion behind the other ladies in the picture as Europa leaves them behind.
Depicted in this painting is a scene from an old mythology story. Pan is chasing Syrinx, but before he could catch up to her she prayed that she'd transform into a reed. Her prayer was answered and she avoided capture. Also in this painting, spatial perspective is portrayed very nicely. You could see far far in the distance a mountain side, some old cabins and even people shrunk down to size. This gives he piece a real sense of depth.
yet another chase is depicted in this painting. This time around, nymph Daphne is fleeing from Apollo. Just as the Pan and the syrinx painting, she also transforms into something before Apollo reaches her. This time around, she transforms into a tree. Demonstrated in this piece is also a great sense of Spatial perspective. Seeing how the town behind them gets smaller, and there's even a river down in the valley far to the right of the picture.
This painting depicts the death of Adonis. According to the story, Adonis was killed by a wild boar. Shortly after he was found by his lover Venus. You can see the weeping cupids, and even sense the sadness in the dogs that are standing to the right. Not as much spatial perspective is implemented in this drawing, but it is there. Looking to the right you'll find a distant open field with mountains behind that and trees surrounding the area.
The Triumph of Venus is a wonderful depiction of what harmony looks like. There are gods, dolphins, cupids, clouds, and water raising which come together and make a masterpiece. As far as the spatial perspective involved, the colors Boucher chose to use make it a little bit challenging to see where the distant sky and the ocean meet. You can still make out the horizon fading away.
Meleager and Atlanta is another well known tragic love story from classic mythology. Depicted in the painting is Meleager giving a boars head as a gift to his lover Atlanta. Above him is his fate warning him of his death because of this gift. A little bit of spatial perspective is used here. They seem to be on a small hillside overlooking a wide field in the background.
Depicted in this picture you'll find a graphic scene. Proserpine a goddess, was abducted by Pluto who is the ruler of the underworld. He is forcing her to come back with him to the underworld. Proserpine’s mother came up with a negotiation for Pluto. To keep her in the underworld for autumn and winter but whenever spring and summer came around that he would have to return her to earth. Very little spatial perspective was used. You could still make out the distant clouds or smoke in the background as well as the tress behind the women.
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