Lilli Collingwood

This sculpture created by Franz Xaver Messerschmidt conveys a man yawning which shows emotion through the human figure. This sculpture is very realistic as the shape looks exactly like a human's face when somebody yawns.The texture of it is very smooth and is shiny and it lets off glare where there would be light on someones face in reality. The theme of this figure is conveying emotion of  human when they yawn.It is a very interesting piece and is different to most sculptures.
This painting by Egon Schiele is very surrealist and interesting. The face of the figure looks confused or angry and the body of this figure is very abstract as it doesn't resemble a human body at all. This painting conveys emotion of the human figure as the afce of the human shows emotion and the body does not.
This painting by Egon Schiele again is quite an abstract and interesting painting of a human figure. The way he has painted this picture is is different as he has a used a range fo different skin colours to show depth in his work. I really like this painting because it shows emotion of the human as he is pushing his hand out with a face of despair. The colour of this painting is neutral and doesn't pop out as much as others which was intended because he wanted to convey that sort of emotion through this piece. This is probably one of my favourite paintings as i like the way he has used a range of different colours on the face and body.
This painting is again been painted by Egon Schiele and it is of a girl resting her head on her knee recklessly. The way he has painted this is different and unique. The colours he has used in this one is different green/blue colours, this makes the painting pop out a little bit, the shape of the figure shows how she is feeling and conveys a sense of tired/recklessness. Thsi human figure has been painted to convey the emotion of the person. The technique he used to paint this is very interesting as it looks a bit messy up close but from far back it looks neat.
This painting created by Paul Gauguin displays a man/boy sleeping. The colour and shape of this figure suggests this as he has his eyes closed and is lying on a pillow in the painting. It is a bit of a unrealistic/surrealist painting as the boy/man doesn't exactly look real. The colour of his hair is a bit of dark blue colour which is not normal. This paintings convey this person as being restless.
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