Innocence and corruption of youth 

this gallery will show the innocence of children, and how the adult world has corrupted children. 

This image illustrates innocence of children because the child is happy about his exam. He does not have to worry about the bigger issues in the world.
This picture of children illustrates the innocence of them playing. They don't realize the corruption of the adult world.
This picture illustrates innocence as well. The children are playing in the garden unknowing of the corruption of the adult world.
This boy has no idea about the corruption of adults. He is completely innocent and has no worries.
This image illustrates corruption. This image shows men killing each other.
This image also illustrates corruption. This image shows a man killing someone. That person is holding a child.
This image illustrates innocence. These two boys are playing together and have no idea that the adult world is corrupt.
This image illustrates innocence as well .This girl is young and has no idea what goes on in the adult world. She still has her innocence.
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