love through the ages

in our presentation, our group explored many different common eras in which Loved seemed to have played a major role. Love has been a major inspiration  or influence of many wars and battles.It has been known to be the conqueror of many great man, women and nations alike and it great effects can be seen in the works of art from the early age of man to the modern times of today. On each slide we mention Greek Roman, India, The renaissance/European Period and Modern.

In Roman Mythology, cupid which in latin means desire is the God of desire. affection and erotic love. Cupid is the son of Venus and Mars which comes to this interpretation of this great painting.Cupids counterpart is known to be Eros and he is known to be one of the primordials. In painting and sculpture cupid is portrayed to be known as a nude. with a bow of arrows. The Hindu kama is also known to play a very similar story of the background of Cupid. usually in any way you see it or interpret it this painting comes to show the wars of love or love as a war.its a painting on oil on canvas
This painting was painted with Italian oil. It depicts a Madonna carrying a child. This picture clearly portrays the love a mother has for her child. The very fact that she is a virgin represents love and mercy. The way the child is displayed by Raphael clearly represents the love and protection the Madonna has for her son. We can also see how the child is touching the mother’s hands with his feet in order to feel the safety and assurance that a mother can provide to her child. The very color of the dress represents love, because red symbolizes love and passion. Also the background represents a lovely place where a mother can be with her child. It has a beautiful landscape, representing some kind of utopian. In the background we can also see a church. Most people go to a church in order to find the love god offers
This painting was painted in oil on canvas in 1547 by Paolo Veronese. The first thing we see is the love for a child, in this case I believe is Christ, because he is the only one who is receiving attention and affection from the three adults that we clearly notice in this painting. Love in this painting is also portrayed in a selfish manner. The importance is just towards one child. The other child we see in the background seems to be forgotten. The sad gaze exhibited by the child left behind shows us how jealous he is of the child who is receiving love. The child seems to be receiving and giving love to the adults carrying him. It seems as if he is a greedy Christ, he is holding both women, he wants all the love for himself.
The embrace between Lakshmi and Vishnu clearly shows they are for one another. With Laskshmi's arm around Vishnu's neck and Vishnu's arm around Laskshmi's chest, it clearly enforces the love between them. This piece also describes love from the way Laskshmi is gazing at Vishnu while Vishnu is staring straight ahead which in my opinion is trying to say he's proud with his partner.
The embrace between Krishna and Radha absolutely shows that there is love being passed between these two, the way this was constructed with their eyes looking a bit mischievous states that there is more than love going on here, such as a playful notion. With the way that they're sitting also shows how comfortable they are with one another as one would when in love.
The Medium for this is that it is a watercolor painting,it is made up of gouache and gum Arabic over pencil with 2 sheets of paper and is considered to be a classical work. Gouache is a opaque watercolor paint and comes in many colors. It is usually mix with water until the desired color is achieved. The Gum Arabic is a natural gum which is taken from two species of the Acacia tree. This depicts the true life story of a forbidden love. In most of his artwork, the artist draw from the Medieval area.
This is a oil on canvas painting and one of it unique aspect is that it has two different depiction. The is done in the Rococo style and it genre is in the allegorical painting. It was discovered upon x-ray of the piece that the artist had initially had the head of the male facing toward the female instead of forward as it is seen in the final work. The story of the Garden of Love the is depicted by the artist is an allegory to nature and the progress of love in the origin of poetry.
This piece shows that children should be loved but their innocence is taken away from them in an act of rape. The people who rape adolescents do not consider the children's feelings and do not see them to have purity. Chow demonstrates the innocence and fear by the hands covering the child's private part. Chow writes "Stop! He's just a kid!" on the painting to send a message to everyone that children are pure therefore they should not be abused in any type of way.
This piece is represented to show that a girl could be in love with her partner even after his death, hence the title of this work "Endless Love." It is like she won't let him go even though he did die. The flowers also represent death which covers most of this piece of art. It seen that their love is very powerful between them too for forever.