Africa, art and gods. 

Nwadiaju Esther Ngozi. This image I have chosen will be explaining the expert of Africa, Art and Gods. It is regularly accepted that the African craftsman is obliged by custom in a route appearing differently in relation to the flexibility given toward the Western craftsman. Yet, despite the fact that there are conventions of workmanship. I will be using color, texture, music and history for this gallery. 

I chose this image because it represent a small community of where most Africa artist live. This work of art has a theme of color and texture.
I chose this work of art because it explains an African person is willing to learn more about art from a white person. The theme for this work of art is love, religion and nature.
I chose this work of art because it explain the full meaning of Africa and their art culture and how they dress. The theme for this art work is religion, pattern, color and history.
I chose this Artwork because it is what most Africa wear to appeal their Gods to give them protection. The theme for this artwork is religion, and mythology.
I chose this work of art because it explain why how Africans make plastic for plates and cups, that how art works in Africa mostly. The themes for this Artwork is texture, color and pattern.
I chose this work of Art because it show how most African like the Hausa, Yoruba, and carved or makes they Gods and worship the creation. This painting illustrate the theme of texture, and religion.
This Artwork illustrate the kind of Gods African would paint or make because it represent one of they Gods. The theme for this painting or sculpture is nature and history.
I chose this piece of work because it is one of the most interesting thing an Africa craftsman would make and give to his or her king (Gods). This artwork theme is religion and love.
I chose this piece of work because it looks or it is the kind of things African would wear and dance with to pleased their Gods. The theme for this is color, pattern, music and movement.
I chose this art piece because it is a kind of wooden art work for the African Gods which their would also worship as part of their culture. The theme of this art work is history.
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