Linear Composition

Line, principal of Design

the lines in this painting direct the viewer's eyes towards the top of the image.
the different lines and cruves in this painting keep the viewer's eyes circling around the image.
the lines in this painting create a sort of current in the image that beings at the center and goes off to the right and bottom of the painting. it goes up up again in the left side of the painting falling back into the center.
the lines on this painting let the viewer's eye from the violin to head at the top and the moon.
The lines on this painting portray a dramatic mood.
the block lines in this painting give a sense of containment as to the color inside them.
This painting as the title hints it, has a lot of space and symmetry . However the lines define the space and create the 3D effect.
The combinations of the lines in this image create stability, balance, and the color contribute as well.
The lines in this painting create a feeling of complexity.
All the lines in this image create a cohesive atmosphere throughout the painting.
the lines are not very strong so it gives a sense of simplicity.
the lines converging at the bottom left corner grab the viewer's focus.
The lines on this image keep the viewer's eye cycling around the subject in the center.
The lines on this painting create both a sense of freedom and captivity. The hands can reach far out but the body seems to be captive.
the lines in this painting create a distinctive illusion of the white and black lines.
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