The other: a timeline

One who is perceived to be animalistic and without feelings normal people have. Killing and/or avoiding the other is morally right; like a cleansing or extermination

Saint Sebastian was viewed as an animal for being disloyal to the Roman gods and was killed for his belief in Christ. He was the other; he did not fit in and the Roman Empire wanted him exterminated.
During WW2, we spread poropaganda that turned him into a monster. He was deemed sub human. This enabled us to burn his photographs; exterminate him without shame or regret
The Vietcong was the other in America in the 1960's. We
By taking this photo, the artist portrays the police as evil for arresting someone for fighting against the Vietnam war. People now identify less with the police and assume they are animals; the other
(Modern) This Muslim style of clothing is commonly associated with terrorism today. Some Americans view Muslims as the other; they dress different, talk different, and have much stricter rules.
(Modern) These people are grotesque and even scary; perfect examples of the other. They all look very dark and demonic; bluish white skin instead of natural skin shades.
(Modern) These two figures are faceless and obscure; not regarded as human and often feared. This is the other; he or she who cannot be understood and is regarded as inhuman.
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