The Venetian School of Painting: From Bellini to Tintoretto

Around the end of the 15th Century Venice’s art scene began to flourish and differentiate itself from the style of art being made in the rest of Italy at the time. These paintings are characterized with more of an emphasis on color instead of strong lines. While influenced by many outside artists some people claim that perhaps it was the hazy lighting of Venice that led these painters to be so enamored with using glowing light and soft brush strokes. The true Venetian School of Painting ended around the late 17th Century but it’s influence reaches far past that. There are far more artists that were a part of this beautiful movement but Giovanni Bellini, Giorgione, Titian, Veronese, Jacob Bassano (de Ponte), and Tintoretto are some of the most significant. This gallery displays work from each of these important Venetian artists.

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