Six Sights Scene

Here are 6 piece of art work that exemplify the  6 functions of art! ENJOY :)

This painting is a piece of Art for Delight. Vincent van Gogh created this piece during June the summer of 1888. The way that water looks inviting and welcoming to the viewers. I personally find much delight in this piece considering that my Grand-Father was big into boats and life in the water. This is delightful because of the calming way that the waves are going. It seems to be a typical Summer day, with the sun not too hot but perfect. This piece makes me feel nostalgic of my summer in Seaside Beach, I am yearning for this coming Summer season. If you also take a look at the sky it is a pleasant sight with shades of blue. What a delight.
In 1838 President Andrew Jackson's Indian Removal act was in place. This movement was seen as American triumphant win and yearn for a new land to aid in their new start of their life away from the British people. There is much Commentary seen in Farny's Piece The Captive. We are able to get a hint of the interna desire of those that are Native to this land that we have called ours. There lays a white man topless with an Indian holding a gun and watching the body. Is it dead or alive? I personally cannot tell but we get a different perspective on the Trail of Tears. The hurt and betrayal that the Natives must have felt. Being pushed away from their land, their land that was home. I feel a sense of sympathy seeing this picture.
This piece is Art for Worship and Ritual. I find awe in the differing rituals and cultures centered around religion. It is religion that makes a person. The after life of what is now, it is a big deal. Japan is known for their religious events that are city wide, with everyone creating floats and balloons that exemplify their Gods. Japanese are Polytheism, meaning that they believe in different Gods varying upon the matter at hand. This parade piece shows the image that they see as their God.
This is obviously Art for Commemoration. Alexander passed before he reached maturity and it broke his parents heart. His importance for his people is shown here as we can see how extravagant his tomb stone came out to be. We are able to see the 3 people on top that guided him in his life. The white cement to show case purity and his families wishes for him to be graced in the after life. The family's wealth is shown as well.
This is Art for Persuasion. What other way to show the epitome of persuasion than a voting campaign. President Obama centered his campaign on the idea of Hope and change. Being the first African American President he needed to assure that his campaign was done tastefully. During this era many younger adults are starting to take interest in politics, President Obama was able to pull in much vote from them and I believe that this Campaign as ids in this process.
This is Art for Self Expression. During the rough times people would find ways to express their feelings and the void in their life. There have been many times that people would write secrets to pass along on these bowls and crafts. They had to be creative in order to not get caught. Sometimes their writing would be served so they had to find other means of expressing their feelings.
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