Enzo La's Revolutionary War and Colonial Art

Rag dolls were used by mothers and children. Children played with these toys for entertainment and often used to teach by the mothers about their religion. Rag dolls was an important part of learning.
Paintings often showed famous Patriotic leaders. Advance paintings were not yet developed and many portraits had faces facing the side. Portraits were often passed down from generation to generation.
Quill pens were used from a large flight wing of a large bird. Quill pens were one of the only sources of writing tools colonists had. They were used for about 1500 years by Russian people, until now.
Horn books were used for school education by children. It was made to last by having a transparent layer of (preferably) a cow horn heated over a fire. Horn books usually had the ABCs and their names.
Powder horns were used for storing gunpowder, water, or others used by colonists that had guns. Colonists often engraved their feelings and their names. It was carried by a weapons' side on the waist.
The Betsy Ross flag was first sown by and called by Betsy Ross. The Betsy Ross flag was later named the American Flag and was used by the Patriots during the Revolutionary War. 1 star equals 1 state.
Engravers often put what they think on glass materials such as bowls, cups, and plates. Paul Revere was a famous Patriot that also engraved on glass or silverware. "No taxes wanted" was a common print
Revolutionary War weapons often had no engravings on them, only wealthy people paid for engravings to be put on. The engravings usually had names, religions, or what they believe in. This is a rifle.
Stamps were used either for writing a letter or a way for merchants to know if purchasers payed the taxes, usually on documents. Stamps usually have a picture and print words on it. Goes in a corner.
Colonial currency was very different before Congress started printing their own money. Colonial Currency was measured in pounds or shillings. People usually had either a lot of money or little money.
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