Art elements

Line: This piece of art represents the element of line since if you look closely at the people and other objects in this drawing, you can see they are made up of lines.
Shape: This shape here is a geometric shape since it seems human designed unlike organic shapes which are more irregular looking and can be a shape found in nature
Form: This artwork represents form since it has height, width, and depth that can be measured
Value: This artwork represents value since a majority of this drawing can be measured as dark while along the sides it is a bit lighter color
Space: This artwork represents the element of space since there is a space around the women which is the negative space while the women is the positive space.
Texture: This drawing of feathers give and idea of how smooth and soft feathers are.
Color: Color is represented in this artwork since a number of different bright colors can be seen with the water and flowers in the painting.
Credits: All media
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