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Roman This statue is portraying a mythological goddess, which is very common for Roman art
Greek The Greek people were very focused on detail . If you look at the muscles it is almost as if they exaggerated some of the detail on the horse until the point at which it doesn't look real anymore.
Byzantine This uses an icon, which is a sacred person or event. Icons were often used in Byzantine art
Renaissance Shows the renewed intrest in classical art, in the way the people are formed in the stances and the smooth color of the image.
Baroque This piece of art is Baroque because of the lighting that illuminates the main subjects of the painting. It also used dark, bold colors.
Rococo Pastel colors, and has playful lightheartedness and is romantic, showing leisure of the country side.
Reformation The focus is on their peasants and their work. This picture is depicting the production and consumption of food.
Neoclassical This image shows the throwback to classical, and actually shows roman soliders . It uses the same figure detail as the classical time while using conflicting light and dark shadows.
Romanticism The date of the painting is in the Romantic period . During this time there was a large interest in nature and if you look at the painting the detail in some of the animals and the way the water moves is superb. The clouds are also very detailed too showing that the natural world was valued more.
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