The Amazing renaissance era

Payton Bates and Brooke Stamm

The detailed picture is showing that people are trying to please jesus by catching fish for him and praying. The picture is very religious and very realistic.
The hands drawn here are realistic and looks like it is used by a very light pencil. They are very manly looking.
This drawing shows a man that looks hairy and sad. The drawing is realistic with many details.
This piece is very detailed and shows a woman with children. It appears to be carved on a smooth stone or marble
This art piece is a mythical type painting. The knight is killing a demon type creature.
The sculpture Is very realistic and human like. It is a man standing/sitting on another man.
This is a sketch of the upper part of the body. It is a realistic piece and has human anatomy notes written with the sketch.
It is a drawing of what looks kind of like a man and women as troll. They appear in human clothes.
The pope is in the painting and he looks like he is somewhere holy. The painting is in a gold frame.
This painting appears in a gold circular frame with designs carved into it.The people look like they are handing a women a child.
Credits: All media
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