Texture in Art

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I like this piece because I like the way the etching in the jewel looks. You can see the texture in the cuts, but also the glossy, shiny texture of the jewel itself. It has good contrast between to polished look and the scratchy, etched look.
I like this one because it has really good contrast with the lights and darks. The paint is thick and you can see it's texture because it comes off the canvas quite a bit. It is kind of a bleak looking painting. I like the impressionalist style of this, it is not detailed or realistic but it still has emotion.
I chose this because I have always found this style of ship very interesting. I like the detail in the waves as well as the rigging. The only part with a lot of texture is the crests of the waves, which I think is the artist trying to emphasize the water, possibly suggesting the power of the sea.
I thought this was a really cool piece. The angle and perspective makes it hard to tell that this is actually huge. I think this piece would look cool from other angles, like directly below it.
I chose this one due to all the bright colors. It is very abstract and surrealistic. I think this has a lack of texture, maybe suggesting that the viewer should view it differently then normal. It is hard to see the deer because it lacks texture that makes it stand out.
I like this tankard because of the intricacy and detail. I want to run my finger over the engravings and feel all the different textures. It looks like it took a long time to make, and it was probably used for a king to drink from.
This piece reminds me of the winter months back home in Buffalo New York. The painting has a very soft, smooth texture, just like snow. Nothing is as peaceful and serene as a quiet forest after a fresh snowfall.
This looks really raw, and not quite as refined or polished as most sculptures. The texture is obvious, it would feel like a stone engraved with designs. I think it looks like a candle or some sort of decoration.
The texture in this piece is obvious as well. THe human figures as well as the horse and angels all seem to be coming right out of the rock.
If you look closely at the mace you can see that is made extremely intricately, and would have a lot of texture if you picked it up. This would help with grip during battle.
I chose this because you can see the rougher looking texture of the face covering, and the smoother more polished look of the gold horns.
Once again I chose this for the contrast of textures between the steel armor itself, and then the detailed gold trim. Considering the amount of gold and jewels this armor has, it was probably used for ceremony and not for battle.
I chose this because it is made out of wood, which would have a much different texture then all the other metal objects in my gallery.
I chose this for the texture of the gold on the handle.
The handle on this rapier is absolutely covered in gold and jewels, giving it lots of texture and a very fancy look.
The are several textures that pop out at me when I view this piece. The smooth texture of the water, the rough look of the rocks, an even the texture f the clouds. I chose this piece for my gallery because it tricks the eye, and it takes a minute to figure out what you are looking at.
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