India CUlture

A brief look into some Indian culture.

Gandhi is one of the most influential people in the world, and he is from India. He is huge in Indian culture all throughout the world.
I added this necklace because the designs and stuff are very influenced by Indian culture.
I picked this picture because of 2 reasons, one because I really really like the street art of India, Especially the one in the picture, and two because street art in India is huge in their culture.
Pictured here is a great example of Indian architecture. A gorgeous building.
In this picture there are Indian leaders such as Gandhi. What I liked in this picture is that they are all smiling and having a good time.
Pictured here is a crowded shore off of the Ganges river. One of the most polluted rivers in the world.
Here is a picture of a statue of a Hindu god, Bhairava. Known for Annihilation.
Pictured here is some people way up in the Himalayas. A beautiful picture.
I picked this "Ceremonial sari" because of the design on the cloth. It looks very Indian. And a sari has worn by Indian women for about 5000 years.
Here is another picture of cloth with a pattern the is largely Indian. just a traditional bed covering.
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