Corpuz alyssa- value: Elements of art

High Contrast is shown in this photo because if you look at the lady in the painting and also her child their face is brightly shown. It's high contrasted if it it looks like that.
This is low contrast because if you pay attention to the filter that this painting looks like it's in it's kind of low. It doesn't show bright popped out colors but it lowers down the colors values.
If you look at this painting you can see the value scale in it. When it goes from the darkest spot which is in the right all the way to the right you see how the color goes light to dark as the shadow
Value Distributation is shown into this photo because if you look at this painting (either one) You see that the values are equally distributed into their right places. Light values and dark values.
This portrait shows an unbalanced value distributation because if you look at the painting it's mostly dark values which is taken over more than half of the photo.
This shows volumetric values because if you look at this painting and the volume in the painting you will see.
If you look at this painting you will see that it shows "Attached Shadows" because if you look at the dancers they have attached shadows to them
Chiaroscuro is used in this painting because the whole background is black and thats one of them elements of charoscuro in the paintings
Atmospheric Perspective is used in this painting by portraiting a town from above a hill and it is nicely to be looked at especially from the top of it, like how the person drew it.
Cast shadow is being shown here because if you look and concentrate on the paintint on that headless rooster it shows a huge shadow that is casted behind it.
Credits: All media
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