Armand Guillaumin

Guillaumin was a french impressionist painter. Original he was born as Jean-Babtiste Armand Guillaumin in Paris,France. As an artist he is most represented by being an impressionist. Camille Pissarro and Guillaumin found employment in painting blinds and helped him get his first impressionist painting (Salon des Refusés) in an exhibit. The frequent themes used in his paintings are art of landscapes. When he painted he used colors based on what he saw around him so mixes of orange,blue,yellows,greens and reds but he uses blue in a lot of his work.

His work is like the average Impressionist,he paints exactly what he sees in front of him but he doesn't just paint things that are difficult to see and very colorful.
In his work he used short brush strokes and were thick when he painted the ground. When he painted the air he used longer and more waiver to show that there were clouds. They were also noticeable in some works.
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