War Artists

What is the role of war art in the twentieth century?

Pre-twentieth century war art often tells a story. It tends to show the moment in battle that turned to victory, or it may focus on themes such as bravery or suffering.
In the twentieth century , artists were given an official role in war for the first time.
War Artists were commissioned to record the First World War for information and propaganda. This is a self portrait of Major William Orpen.
These artists were commissioned by the Government . Do you think this compromised their paintings? Gassed shows the casualties of a mustard gas attack .
Do paintings tell us things that other sources do not?
These women are working in a munitions factory during the Second World War. What are the key messages of the picture. In what ways is it war art?
Graham Sutherland worked mostly on the Home Front, depicting many subjects, including bomb damage in London and South Wales.
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