the Composition of Art

The story of light and dark through chronological paintings. Light being the known and dark being the unknown.

This painting shows the brightness of light upon their food. Food equals life.
The only dark you see is in the small shadows of the trees. The entirety of the painting is light.
As time goes on...shadow of dark creeps in. There's still a majority of light.
This shows a more balance between light and dark.
The light is focused on the Queen figure in white. There's shadows creeping in.
The brightness of the light is dull. There's shadowy places.
The light is an aura-like illumination, but the dark shadows contain it.
The light is dull in this painting, but there's not much dark shadows.
The dark shadows are behind the live dogs, but the light is most bright behind the slaves.
There's dark in the home, but bright lighting outside.
The light is centered on the girl teaching the children how to read, but the darkness is on those "in the dark".
The entire painting is bright in light. He's well educated.
The dark settles only the left of the painting. The light is the majority.
The North light is their guide. From the outside to the center is dark to light.
There's specks of sunlight, but there still in the shadow.