Slavery and Poverty

This gallery is about Poverty and Slavery. It shows how Poverty and Slavery affects art and how artists showed Poverty and Slavery through art.

Showing that little kid is selling flowers while her mother and sister is sitting.
He returned to his father because he can't fight poverty.
In the picture, the one in the center is the mother and her 3 sons/daughter. In her face, she is sad because she don't know how can they survive.
Slavery. The man and the woman standing is her master. While she's in a poor place and nothing to feed her daughters.
The slavery is that he sacrificed his life for his country.
She is serving her master. she is just young but she is already seaming.
Because of poverty, they need to hunt for food. But, they got attack by hounds.
because of poverty, the man struggled with a boa.
this is the slaves of Gen. Thomas F. Dayton. There is no equality because his slaves is too many
the poor Marat got assassinate.
slavery, they're killing people.
Poverty after the fire because, they don't have house anymore.
the harvesters are working so hard for their masters.
Even though they're not wealthy and they're being slaved, only love, peace and family will make happiness.