Eric Gorski

Color Schemes

The color scheme shown in this artwork is cool colors. The artwork reflects nature and creates a calm mood through use of blues and greens.
The color scheme shown in this artwork is monochromatic. It shows just blue with light and dark shades. It is a calming mood through the use of the blue colors and water.
The color scheme shown in this artwork is analogous. The artwork displays a large portion of oranges right next to one another on the color wheel. This creates a warm mood by having bright colors.
The color scheme this artwork shows is triadic. The artwork has red, yellow, and blue equally. This artwork creates a sad mood as everything is spilled on the ground.
This artwork is an example of complementary colors. There is a balance of purple and yellow which are opposite colors on the color wheel. The mood created is calming and interesting.
This is an example of a warm color scheme. This artwork shows reds, yellows, and oranges that resemble warmth and fire. The mood created is a joyful mood through the bright colors.
Credits: All media
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