The Massacre

Kayla Scorcia & Amanda Zurla

Apostle is a graphic picture of one of the known messengers of god. He was sent to give messages to people about religion. He was one of the twelve disciples. He was drawn during the renaissance therefore having realistic features.
Michelangelo had a human male model pose for this, trying to replicate the most realistic features of the arm and hand.The outstretched arm of the fresco was also painted in a famous mural portrayed near gods
The La Primavera is an eye catcher to many worldwide. Botticelli Filipepi was an artist that painted many realistic drawings with deeper, more complicated meanings. The most interesting part of this piece is the fight between the woman draped in blue and woman in opal on the right.
The painting of Saint Michael shows the different kinds art during the Renaissance. There was sculpture and paint but this is instead 2d and with ink. Though the different use of supplies, the style still lingered with the popular theme of realisticness and self righteousness.
Leonardo da Vinci's drawing of the Superficial anatomy of the shoulder and neck(recto) shows the structure of the shoulder muscles. The pectoralis major was divided into parts to represent the lines of force along with its acts.It shows an example of "thread model", a technique invented by Leonardo. This technique reduced the muscles to single cords
Michelangelo's painting Doni 'Tondo has 2 parts to it. The foreground holds the holy family (Jesus, Virgin, and Joseph). The picture shows nude men in the background which was what Michelangelo's paintings focused on.
The last supper is known by many christians, as it portrays Jesus with his disciples. The painting was drawn by Leonardo to depict the consternation between the Twelve Disciples when Jesus confronted them of disobediance.
Raphael probably studied human anatomy to make this painting. The second man next to Christ has a very detailed elbow. You can see the joints and muscle bones. The men on the right of the boat have detailed arms. You can clearly see the muscles in their arms. Even the birds look very realistic.
The Penitent magdalene is an oil painting of Saint Mary Magdalene by Titan. It is similar to his painting in 1533, except he has covered up Mary's nudity and introduced a vase, an open bible, and a skull as a memento mori. Titan used great color and her face looks real.
This sculpture by Michelangelo, The Genie of Victory shows great muscular form. The muscular arms show the muscles with great detail. Even his body shows great human form. Michelangelo studied human anatomy and must have used that information to create this sculpture.
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