Things i like

The detail of this piece is magnificent. It displays all types of classic form. the corniced top with dentil is superb. the carving are amazing.
This art is very abstract and colorful. It is exaggerated in every way. and somehow i look at it and say to my self i know what you mean.
so noble in stance almost like he is inviting you. yet the way he holds the sword lets you know he is not scared.
I love the shadow box drawn giving this its depth. These dueling out in the middle of the ocean sure they will both meet there fate tonight.
this art is liberated yet saddening. The people in the boat look torn and tarnished and here is this sculpture with a prison in the chest cavity where the heart would normally be.
it takes a lot of patience to train a turtle.
Its almost as if they are waiting on something to happen. oh how I would love to be in such a simpler time for just one day.