Art Elements

Shape The painting had organic and geometric shapes. The organic shapes had curved lines and could have been found in nature. There were also some geometric shapes that had crisp, perfect edges.
Form The sculpture has height, width, and depth.
Value The painting has a dark blue value at the top right and fades out as the as you go right. The value of the blue becomes lighter.
Space There is a blank space around the pink and black characters in the top right. That is the negative space. The pink and black characters are the positive space.
Texture The vase has real texture. Some parts of it are smooth while others are a bit bumpy like near the feathers of the peacock.
Color The vase has a white hue. It is a solid white color. It has a medium intensity since it is not super bright or toned- down. It has a light value.
Line The lines used in the artwork were mostly straight with a few curved lines. They were also thin and long.
Credits: All media
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