Anastasia samoylova "Love is color" 

Im my opinion, love is the most important thing for every person. It can be not only love between people, but also love to one's job, hobby, place, moment, life in general. Love always brings new emotions and bright colors to everybody's life. Art is the best way to convey this as many of artists use colors to show their view of love and their opinion about how it speaks to us. 

This work of art by Gustav Klimt shows the sweetest moment in every lover's life - a kiss. This picture is glowing because of gold that he used. This golden shining is like a symbol of love's power.
There is a hand with a newborn baby shown. The painter used very bright and saturated colors. Due to contrast the hand is highlighted. A baby is a result of pure love and is covered with flowers.
This is an abstraction. Different colors with white background look brighter. Love is always colorful but it is different for every person. People see and understand love in different ways.
This is a picture of two people, who are in love. Though it's showing night, we can see them clearly. Love makes them shining and everything around. The girl has a red dress, it is symbolic.
The painter plays with color on this picture. The background and the mountain is bleak so the red sun is highlighted. I believe the sun is a symbol of love, that enlightens the world and send fog away
Another great and bright work of art. The girl is covered and surrounded with sparkling flowers. Contrast colors and right composition highlight her. This is the feeling of love.
Several women bodies, painted in red, yellow, white and other bright colors. Everybody is different and unique, that is why love is a miracle. It is hard to find a right person among all the diversity
Children create flower hand-cart. Child is innocence, as the first love. It also always the brightest and strongest feeling you remember. The painter centralized the bouquet and used contrast colors.
The picture depicts love between mother and child. It is the first thing every creature feels when it's born. The red flower is a symbol of love that was given to a child and now is being returned.
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