the corruption of government

For hundreds of years, governments have tried over and over to control their citizens. Through this project I will discuss the problems with wealth and government and the powers they hold over society.  These powers are good in theory, but they create problems that lead society into turmoil and violence. 

This was a period in time where the government took everything for themselves and gave very little back to the people. This is the problem with the government then and today. “we ought to do good to the just and harm to the unjust?” (Plato, Book 1). This quote is saying that we have to take responsibilities for our actions. It shouldn't matter what walk of life we come from. We all must step up, and do what is right. This represents the corruption of government in that they believed that good should come to the just people and harm should come to the unjust. This is unfair because sometimes good people do unjust things and they should not be harmed for doing it. This is the problem with power in governments.
This painting depicts the government in the 1300's. Times have not changed in that the leader of the government is surrounded by his "servants". This shows how the government not only rules, but they think they can use their slaves in any which way they please. “And the philosopher holding converse with the divine order, becomes orderly and divine, as far as the nature of man allows; but like every one else, he will suffer from detraction.” (Plato, Book 6). What this quote is saying is that in order for a society to thrive, the leaders have to be orderly and divine. This connects to this artwork because having slaves is not being orderly and divine. It is the complete opposite. Leaders have to be fair, and this is not depicted in this piece of art.
The members of the society in this picture are depicted as the the supporting flowers. The main flower represents the leader of that particular society. This type of society creates classes and contributes to the cycle of corrupt government. This is the whole idea I am discussing in the project, the cycle of government that needs to end. "The body being the only instrument that savage man is acquainted with, he employs it to different uses..." (Rousseau, 1st Half). What this quote is saying is that savage man has all of his necessities. Civil man needs society and he needs the government to thrive. This is the problem with our society. In order for people to be at their peak, they need others around them. Savage man does not have this problem. He is given the bare minimum and he survives off of that because he has to.
This statue was discovered in the tumulus burial of a Nubian ruler of Kerma. This is of Sennuwy's husband, Hepdjefa. Hepdjefa was an overseer of the king's estate. Even in this time period, there was a monarchy. This goes to show that nothing has really changed with government and that needs to be corrected. “such power being illegal in itself could never have served as a foundation to the rights of society, nor of course to the inequality of institution,” (Rousseau, 2nd Half). This quote is basically saying that government with only one ruler is corrupt and should not exist. It is illegal in itself and should not thrive in this society.
This piece of artwork shows how the idea of Communism truly affects the North Koreans. Here, we see the North Koreans standing below the Statue of Liberty. I see this as a cry for help. All they want to do is be free, but because of their government, there is no way for that to happen. This is why the idea of Communism is corrupt. They force their citizens to do things they do not believe in. “...the theory of the Communists may be summed up in the single sentence: Abolition of private property,” (Marx, Part 2). This quote is describing how the common man can no longer own land in a Communist state. Just like the people of North Korea, the government is telling them what to do and it is simply unjust.
This is Laura Knight. She drew Ruby Loftus who was a woman doing a job in a man's world. The government did not believe she was able to do this sort of work, so she proved them wrong. The problem with this government, and even today is that they do not believe that women can do what men can. This is not only sexist, but unfair. “this may be one reason why some gentle wives have so few attractions beside that of sex” (Wollstonecraft, Chapter 4). Back when Wollstonecraft wrote this text, women were seen as nearly an object that men could come home to and it was because of the corrupt government. This is how the government perceived women. Ruby Loftus is defying the government and doing what she wants no matter how the government or anyone else looks at her.
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