There is only one thought came to me after visiting Malevich. It is impossible to believe now - that he died. If even Malevich died, there is no justice. And moreover we all shouldn't live because we are not him. If you are not Malevich just don't even try to be born or - die It's hard to believe but i burst into tears finally, realizing that is dead and won't create anything... He is my personal god, he is the one who understood everething, he rebuilt the reaity, i mean our perseption of reality and tried to come up with the new one, but Stalin and cancer left this plan just the plan. And that's why I telling you - we should all die as we are not him, because we don't even thing of things like this, don't try to make our own view and understanding, we need to have this manifesto of searching and creating until we die. There is no other way.

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