This gallery takes you on a journey through time periods and cultures. Each art work in this piece is a mythical creature which was once proven alive and also spoke about through stories. The majority of these artworks show movement through different mediums. Most of these creatures are from the greek culture, but a few were known from many cultures worldwide.

This is an illustration on a Princess and two trolls. Looking at this picture you can immediately see the pattern of repeated trees and bush like circles. The focus is of the princess due to the fact that her colors stand out, while the trolls blend with the background. This piece works with the theme because trolls are know as Mythical Creatures of a nature spirit. Trolls are also know worldwide and from all cultures.
This sculpture of a Sea Monster has great realistic texture, the artist carved scales into the figure to give it that real look. The Sea Monsters appears to be in motion either moving across land or just the slight tilt in the head. The sales also show a pattern of a U shape repeated to add the sale like detail. This sculpture relates to the Mythical Creature theme.
This bronze sculpture looks like a coin with a Pegasus in the center. The Pegasus is know from the Greek culture as a winged horse. This sculpture connects with the Mythical Creature theme and shows movement of the creature. the artist used curved and squiggly lines to create hair, feathers and the body of the creature.
This ceramic whistle is of a Dwarf from the Mayan time period. On the figure is a pattern of circles and quite a bit of detail for the time period. This artwork relates to the Mythical theme because Dwarfs were known as special little people, some cultures believed that they were evil.
This sculpture is of a leaping Unicorn from the medieval bestiary. This creature is know for its magical healing horn. The unicorn appears to be in motion by the position of the front legs and the upward position of the tail.
This print engraving is of a Griffin, a Mythical Creature used for heraldry. This creature known as the king of beasts, a powerful majestic creature. The artist used a majority of curved lines to creature the texture of the creature. By looking at the engraving it gives the feel of a smooth furry creature.
This sculpture is of a well know Mythical Creature, the Mermaid. A mermaid was told to be human and fish, that couldn't walk on land. This sculpture shows the figure in a stationary pose but with curved almost circular shapes in pattern. The pattern gives detail to the Mermaids' tail and gives a hint of the scale texture.
This is a drawing of another popular Mythical Creature that was know worldwide, a Dragon. In this drawing two dragons appear to be flying in the sky, maybe through clouds. The detail of this drawing is intense and the pattern used to depict the skin of the Dragons bring it more to life. The contrast in this drawing also allows the viewer to get an in depth look of the two Dragons intertwined.
The Mythological Creature in this sculpture is a Centaur, half-man and half-horse. The Centaur appears to be smiling and also in motion. The centaur is popular from the Greek and Roman culture. The sculpture is made of color marble which was a sign of wealth and used as an architectural decoration.
This oil on panel painting is of the Mythical Creature Chimera, known a lion, goat and snake hybrid. The Chimera is known by the Greek culture. In this painting the Chimera appears to have a human chest and a female is holding onto it. The painting shows movement by the position of the Chimeras' front legs and the females' leg in the air. The colors used in this painting are dark except for the female figure and the orange/reddish side of the Chimera.
Credits: All media
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