Perspective Roots

In honor of Earth Day this weekend I decided to choose a nature theme for this gallery. Mother nature alone is the most magnificent piece of art that we are able to witness and we, as humans, love to create art based to reflect its beauty. We do that in many different ways. For example, we use realism art to create direct replicas of what we see and expressionistic and abstract art that artists create to reflect how mother nature makes us feel. In this gallery I believe I have captured a great combination of both styles of art to connect ones self with our beautiful planet.

I chose this abstract painting done by Pierre- Auguste Renior of a young woman sitting in a landscape because it really gives me the feeling of blending both mother nature and human kind together as one.
I chose the Landscape by Elioth Gruner because of the balance it portrays and the movement it creates for the viewers eye because of the river flowing in the valleys from left to right. It fits right in with my theme because it is a perspective painting of earth.
This piece by Vincent van Gogh caught my eye because of his expressionism throughout the piece. By using lines and color and it being hard to depict what is what in the painting, creates a clear abstract painting that is very intriguing for the viewers eyes.
I chose this piece by William Louis Sonntag because of the realism it portrays. He puts good use of the rule of thirds within this painting which allows the perspective to be very attractable to the eye making it perfect for my galleries theme.
This piece immediately grabbed my attention. The contrast created from the moonlight and the shadows creates a natural, realistic scene one would actually witness on a very luminous night. Capturing the moment of time of this landscape portrays a vivid perspective piece of mother nature fitting it right in with my galleries theme.
This piece, Landscape with Cows, seemed a little abstract to me because no item is clearly displayed. The dark grey sky along with the green landscape embodies a great deal of balance to the viewers eye.
The perspective in this piece really caught my eye. With the dark values in the foreground and the lighter values in the background creates a very realistic perception of perspective. This is the ideal painting for my galleries overall theme.
Although there's not much going on in this piece, Chul Joo Suk was able to create a vivid image using contrast and artistic balance from foreground, middle ground, and background creating a perspective, yet abstract feel.
This piece happens to be the only photograph in my gallery. It caught my attention because of its perspective and symmetric values. This allows the viewers eye to distinguish this as a wondrous and beautiful piece or an eerie photograph.
I chose this painting because of its simplicity as a whole. With the majority of the painting being sky, it made me feel connected to the landscape portrayed in the piece.