catholic CHURCH art   in 17th century    (Jesus Ramos)

Collection of 17th century masterpieces inspired by the Catholic Church

On this painting by Sassoferrato we can see the Virgin Mary in Prayer. The artist included a white veil and blue cloak. The face is mostly in shadows, giving a subtle effect to the piece. We can also appreciate her hands in prayer. This artwork is on display at the National Gallery in London.
This piece commemorates the 100th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. There is a scene where some people are lining up at the door of a church. There is a person writing on the door. Finally you can appreciate a person reading a book, apparently a bible and some angels on top of him.
On this piece, Giovanni Lanfranco shows the moment when Moses’s spies return to tell Moses about the status of the land. The spies brought fruit as a sign of prosperity on the Promised Land. The artist used large figures in an open space to show the immensity of the land.
On this piece we can see the widow of Zarephath taking care of Elijah in the desert. Elijaj assured her that the bread given to him by her would be multiplied by God. In Church theology is believed that this was a symbol from the last super. This is called the sacrament of Eucharist
After Jesus death and resurrection, the church believed that resurrection could be done if you had enough faith. On this piece we see St. Francis Xavier resurrecting an unnamed man.
This piece is part of a liturgical vestment used in church. There is an embroidery that covers the entire back, which gives it a particular effect. It has silver thread in zig zag form and it gives a shinier surface. This is a great piece and is part of a 7 pieces set.
Oil painting by Lucas Giordano showing st. Michael fighting sinners. It was believed in the church that saints will protect believers from the axis of evil. This complex scene has great detail and use of the light
On this piece the artist represents a crown of people gathering to observe the submission of the German Emperor Frederick Barbosa to Pope Alexander III. On this piece you can appreciate the level of detail that the artist used. You can see the detail in the columns, and the crowd. The painting was done in 2 sheets of paper.
This piece shows a Spanish monk walking through the church when he had a vision of the virgin Mary and two female saints. The artist shows a tremendous knowledge of color combinations and also shows control of the light.
On this piece we can see Saint Charles Borromeo adoring what appears to be a life body of Christ in the cross. It looks like he is inside a church. We can see the sky in the background and his characteristically pointy nose. We can see the use of reds, whites and blues on the paintings.
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