Design Principle

Emphasis/focal point

This piece has 2 focal points: the boy wearing white and the black crow. The boys positioning and white shirt emphasize his presence in the picture. The black crow is a focal point because its color is a drastic contrast to the rest of the painting and stands out boldly.
The flame in this piece is a focal point because of its central positioning, it's saturation of color, and the positioning of all the people in the painting. All the characters in the painting are surrounding the flame and looking at it which puts even more emphasis on it.
The moon is the focal point of this piece. Its solid color stand out among the rest of the painting and the two people in the painting are looking at it which also draws your attention to the moon.
The man in red is the focal point in this painting. The main colors are green, black, and brown and so the boldness of the red draws the viewers attention to the man in red.
This piece is dominated by pastel colors and out of focus characters dancing together. The focal point is a woman in the bottom right corner that is completely in focus and wearing black. The boldness of the color black and the focused detail of her face puts a lot of emphasis on her.
The focal point of this painting is the woman with a red blanket over her. The saturation of the color red is very bold and draws the viewers eye right away. Also, there is light shining on the very pale woman that also works to draw the viewers attention to that character.
The focal point of this picture is obvious. Te only object in view in the red class. Between the central positioning of the class and the bold saturation of its color, it is obvious of the focal point. The shadow of the glass adds to its emphasis as does the black shadowing in the background.
The focal point of this painting is the fire burning in the distance. The bridge serves as a frame to the fire which works to emphasize said painting.
The focal point of this piece is the "hobglobin". It is centrally located, is surrounded by other creatures that are looking at it, has an animal framing its face, and has a white sheet over it that is a strong contrast to the rest of the colors used in this piece. 
The focal points of this painting are the woman wearing black and the little boy wearing black. Most everyone in this piece are wearing white while the general hue of the piece is very light so the characters wearing black naturally stand out, Also, the woman is placed near the front of the piece while the little boy is centrally located, both of which put emphasis on the characters.
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