Blue: The Color of Sadness

By: Jeff Furrer

The monochromatic blue shades of this artwork showcases the sadness that can be shown through the color blue.
This artwork is emphasized with the color blue to perhaps show the distance or secludedness of her playing the guitar as she stares into the distance.
This piece shows the devastation and helplessness of this father and son's house burning to the ground as it is surrounded by darkness.
This could also be known as the Friday Night Lights to most people, but this also showcases the game being over and makes the viewer think about how upset the losing team must be waling off the field.
This piece shows a blind man walking through the concentration camp Bergen-Belsen. Even though he can not see, you can still tell that he feels the aftermath of the camp.
This artwork shows the happiness of one side of the war right next to the devastation of the opposing side.
Even though the uniform is suppose to be blue, it still showcases three men marching into battle without any weapons to motivate their fellow military men.
This artwork presents death as a creature who is admiring over all the death in war.
A picture is worth a thousand words. Any viewer will look at this painting and see sadness or distress due to the blue color scheme.
This piece starts off as slightly bright but then works its way into a dark blue and darkness as you are led down as empty hallway.
This piece of artwork was made for interpretation. Even if the viewer can not tell what he/she is looking at then that is the mysteries of the legends of the sea.
A portrait by Van Gogh which shows a sad man surrounded by blue and it can say a lot about where he is in his life.
This piece captures the beauty yet sadness that can be brought by rain. It also almost makes the viewer feel the cold raindrops.
The entity of death in all dark blues preys on a colorful yet not so lively looking bunch of life. Maybe they are expecting death to visit.
This is an excellent depiction of a waiting room just after an announcement is made about the death of a loved one. The dark colors worn by everyone gives the viewer a feeling of hopelessness.