Power and Ethics

A continuation of power and ethic related the concept of wisdom to the power it can bestow and the ethic behind the use of this wisdom and power.

This portrait of Benjamin Franklin and his lightning experiments portrays power, wisdom and strength. Benjamin Franklin was known to be a learned and wise man who endlessly thought about new ideas. This compares to Socrates as he was foremost a seeker of the truth and in doing so became what many consider to be wise. Socrates states "And if I tell you that no better thing can happen to a than to converse every day about virtue and the other matters about which you have heard me conversing and examining myself and others, and that an unexamined life is not worth living" (pages 71-72, The Apology). This shows his true commitment to true and virtue and what is the source of his wisdom. This is reflected n this painted as Benjamin Franklin is wise and was always looking for the truth. His pose in the photo appears powerful, wise and ethical as he has children standing behind his assisting him with his great endeavor into knowledge and wisdom.
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