Black and White used for emphasis

A collection of works that use black and white for emphasis.

Having no color draws the viewer to look at the smaller details in the face and dress.
Since there is no color in the back on the snake, attention is drawn to the poem, which is the main focus of the work.
With no color, the eye is drawn to out of place areas of black or white, such as the tower in the background, or the moon.
Having one stripe of white in a completely black background draws complete attention to it.
Since the painting is only in black, there is nothing to distract the viewer from what is shown.
The large black doorway right in the center immediately draws the eye to it.
By having a completely black background, the viewer is forced to focus on the woman, rather than anything that may've been in the background.
The large black doorway immediately draws the eye to it, since the rest of the painting is mostly white.
Since the background is a dark green foliage, the white figure stands out against it and draws attention.
By making the horse solely out of black splotches of paint, it forces the viewer to look more closely at it to figure out what the painting is.
Like the last one, since the horse is made of black splotches the viewer has to look harder and focus on it more.
By having a black background the viewer is forced to focus on the bright woman in the center.
The bright white sky and path stand out starkly against the black trees, drawing attention.
Since the painting is made mostly of black splotches on white, the viewer must look harder to understand it.
The bright white river draws attention coming down from the sky, leading the viewer through the painting.
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