Balance-I chose this one because of how it was reflecting of of the water of the trees and the other things having everything the same (reflected).
Repetition-I chose this one because everything in this painting is in a pattern.
Contrast-I thought this one was contrast because the painting is revolving around the one object.
Proportion-I chose this one because of a small child infrount of a building the is a big one and painted on it.
Variety-I chose this one because in this picture there is a bunch of other things the eyes can focus on.
Movement-I chose this one because the blue parts look like water swishing away from the person in the middle if it.
Contrast-I chose this one because it was created by one setting point (the thing that looks like a person.)
Emphasis-I chose this one because the red dot by the middle "caught" my attention and not to anything else.
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