Crime & Punishment

This compilation of artworks shows the world of crime and punishment from every angle. The art in this collection range from the 1600s to 2013, which shows that crime is a pre-existing problem that continues to persist in today's world.

This drawing is representation that crime dates back as far as mankind. There has never been a time where man has had no crime. This leaves us with one question: are some of us born to be criminals?
There are many types of crime. This painting represents organized crime. More specifically, the Mafia.
There are always going to be "stereotypical" criminals. Every person, at one point or another, has looked at another person and wrote them off as a "bad guy" without even knowing their name.
'Usual Suspect' is a primary example of this "stereotypical" criminal. The police have targeted a poor man on the street when the real criminals, the rich men in suits, are behind them all along.
Murder is considered the most heinous crime to ever be committed; it is even punishable by death.
The police are here to protect us and stop crime. However, actions of the few have influenced the world's view on police as a whole. Consequently, there has become a worldwide stigma against law enforcement.
'The Arrested Man' depicts a seemingly African American man being detained by police. Recently, there has been a debate about police targeting minorities and people of color.
In recent years, deaths while in police custody has become a serious issue. Have police been known to murder prisoners, and do they attempt to cover it up? Many people would say that they do, but there has been no exact proof yet.
This painting shows the horror of solitude that awaits those sentenced to prison.
Credits: All media
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