This piece uses the perspective to convey the importance and tradition of the scene.
I think that the framing of the picture here really pushes the idea of danger, the sheer cliff and poses of the man on the front especially lend themselves to that idea.
I like the way the people in this work are gathered in the middle, giving the sense of impending action or celebration. The perspective from the bottom of the steps lends itself to this idea.
Another example of using the natural landscape and time of day to display the majesty of the land. Being at the top of the hill allows us to look down on the entire scene, taking it all in.
I really enjoyed this piece, it looks as though we're looking down on the port from a nearby hill or rooftop, letting us see the sheer size of it.
It looks like we are on the sidewalk looking up at the building, framed nicely by the trees. Very colorful and striking.
Using the high up perspective gives us a view of the entire street, showing just the sheer scope of the celebration.
Being on the ground, looking up at the woman, gives me the feeling that I am related to her and the child. Another sibling, husband, etc. This probably isn't the point, but we do feel close to them.
This one was difficult to sum up, but being on the hillside, even with the trees, shows me how inaccessible this area was, and how beauty can be found in this difficult to reach areas.
Normally, looking up at a structure can give us a sense of the grandeur of it. In this case, the landscape surrounding it is stark and looks dry, and the building run down.
The characters are set in the far distance, which conveys a sense of quiet conversation in a grand hall.
Another large landscape, with massive hills and mountains in the background. Great for reflecting on the natural beauty of the area.
The colors in this piece show that it is probably occurring at sunset, and shows the fields unattended at the end of the day.
I liked this piece because it reminds me of the amount of work required without modern convenience. Sailing material goods and having to walk greater distances, etc.
A moment of quiet reflection, shown by the figure being isolated in a vast area of either construction or abandoned buildings.
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