My first thought when seeing this artwork was the endless possibilities of adventures this man in the painting could be having.
I love how the historical buildings stand out in this artwork. The name itself makes me think of how the world was affected after a war battle.
The colors on this artwork are beautiful and very detailed. This entire piece makes me think of how large the world really is.
This artwork seemed ancient to me because of the background, and also because the clothing the people wore, not many people where them anymore.
I admire this artwork because of the amount of detail the artist painted is incredible. The structure also stands out almost third dimensional like.
I loved how real this painting seemed to me. It seemed the forest and the path was leading to the castle which wasn't that far away.
This artwork gave me a kind of lonely vibe. The man in the painting was walking around a deserted lake and could barely see the sunset.
I found this very interesting. For a carving it is very detailed and filled with a lot of people.
I particularly liked this artwork because the place in this painting seemed very excluded from the outside world. The title itself caught my eye.
I love the background in this painting because i thought the colors were very well put together.
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