Art is our voice

This gallery explores the connection between artist and the world around them. A bond that inspires these artists to express their feelings through music, image & spoken word.

This image shows a teacher guiding his student in finding her sound, keeping her in tempo with his gestures. Like in life, there is a lot of freedom in music. But first, we must learn the basics; rights and wrongs. That way we can create our own beauty, our own path. She is starting out, the room is small for now, soon she will grow and the world around her will match the size of her knowledge and skill.
A real sense of happiness and harmony is express in this colorful picture by Gerrit van Honthorst. Music unites us all and sometime it lets us put the negative aside and lets us focus on the good. The musicians in this picture bring joy to the crowd reminding them the beauty of life. Smiles and happiness are clearly expressed here by the use of bright colors, smiling expressions the bond between people and nature.
This images represents the goddesses of dance. The four muses, their loose attire symbolizes their freedom state of mind; to move. Their bare feet represents their connections with the world. This powerful image shows how we can use dance to express our inner connection with nature as the muses seem to be moving to the beat of the earth.
This detailed sculpture shows a person moving freely to the rhythms created by the instrument. Music has been part of our life's since the beginning, it expresses the beauty of the world and the beauty inside of us. The textures and patterns of this sculpture gives it a level of realism and sense of presence that helps amplify its love of sound and connection with the world.
Displayed here is Erato, the muse of lyric poetry. With this naked and pure textures and features, this wonderful sculpture focuses on another layer of art that blends well with sound. Poetry is one more way of expressing your feelings, your experiences, your emotions and relationships with nature, others and your inner self. This great form of expression is often fused with epic visuals and melodies, harmonies creating a connection unlike any other; we all become one by feeling the beat of our music.
A mandolin, a violin and a book full of sheet music. Instruments as such have touched lives through the years in one form or another. This tools of sound have been used to amplify what the soul is feeling. Weather it is love or hatred, music is universal and instruments like this somehow continue to make us connect with ourselves, one another, and with our world. Music and its instruments ultimately unites us all as one. It amplifies and fully expresses our human emotions through the power of sound.
This powerful image exhibits a battle of musicians between Beethoven and Mozart representing modern music, and George Frederick Handel representing traditional music. This metaphor of change and progress is part of the beauty of life. Most of the world's best creations have been created by men influenced and fueled by competition. Music continues to change, and the beautiful landscapes of the world change as well more and more with time.
Here we take a look at Rosso Fiorentino's depiction of a Musical Angel. This images can be interpret as the art of listening. Listening and learning from your surrounding and also learning from ourselves. This spiritual self-education is the best way to successfully find your own voice; find inspiration. Just as this musical angel is finding his way, artists all around the world continue to express what they learn each day from life and their surroundings.
The world is full of surprises, and competition. This image focuses on a fight between two musicians. In life, people motivate other people. Weather it is in a positive way or a negative one. We all search for our place in the world. Musicians compete for the number one spot just as lions would fight to become king of their kingdom. Attention and accomplishments are part of nature, countries compete with one another, and so do artists of all mediums; this creates jobs and art. Art that sometimes stays with us forever, and continues to motivate for years to come.
“The Color of Your Voice” is a mural created to represent a partnership between arts. Murals such as this one give tribute to all of the different art forms of the world. Murals like this bring artists together in times of need so they can contribute and inspire with the power of their art. A great example of this gesture is another great mural titled “Our Voice, Our Strength” where artists came together in order to inspire and use their creativeness to provide shelter to those who lost their homes during the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. Art is a form of expressing what we have learned from the world. And the biggest lesson that the world has taught us is that we are all brothers and sister; we must always look out for each other. Continue to learn from each other and inspire from each other, always.
This mural was created as a tribute to acknowledge the efforts made to aid the country of Haiti. A powerful symbol of connecting through art. This is a great example of showing how artist from all over the world came together and made a difference with their art.
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