Melvin vigo -  DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVES gallery

My art gallery theme evolves around the different parts of nature; animals, buildings, colors, items, etc. As you browse trough you will notice the different perspectives in art, but also the depth and its amount of detail. My gallery transports you into the world of painting through nature and movement. 

This surrealism painting of Sirens outside of the water at the beach. The one point perspective is very unique because you really have to stand on your left to fully get a clear view.
A house in the middle out of no where with two humans walking towards the house. The rocky landscape provides a depth one perspective dimensional look which is drawing out with dark charcoal.
This 3D bird standing on a cut tree painting is extremely interesting because the bird is the hierarchy. Giving the viewer super close details of the birds feather.
A painting of a beautiful tree and a landscape floating in the mid-air. The perspective is interesting because it shows the tree as a dominant over the land and it's colors represents confidence.
This cattle house is in the middle of a beautiful sunset. It's warm colors provoke a beautiful emotional which provides depth into the 3D perspective wooden cattle house making it stand out.
This photograph is of a bridge in top of a building and it has two people walking.This photographs make the person feel as if their on the other side watching with a depth to the floor cause lighting.
The prince is expressing his love for the princess. In this painting the perspective is different and it feels like your inside the room. However, the background is set to make it seems like it's 3-D
A tunnel where workers are working to fix it. This perspective feels like your inside the photography because it's one point perspective provides the "road" towards the vanishing point.
A painting of a living room with red furniture. This painting has a two point perspective. The colors have a contrast between the furniture and the walls which may indicate confidence and strength.
Colonist outside a castle unloading the boat. It's color theme is warm and the unique style the road ends it's like the colonist will come out of the picture. Two point perspective.
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