How perspective is utilized in each piece of art.

I chose this work because it good atmosphere and perspective without using too much color or detail aside from the house.
I chose this one because the way the walls and pillars are situated, they create a one point perspective.
The hallway and pillars create a one point perspective in this piece as well.
I chose this because of the areal perspective of the map and how it has detail instead of just road lines in different colors.
I chose this because the branches create a focus on the planet in the middle, making this a one point perspective piece.
I chose this because it sort of give the illusion that we're looking through a hole in the world from the perspective of someone looking down into it.
I chose this piece because of the depth this one point perspective picture has. You can get an idea how large the room is with all the details and the walls going back in space.
I chose this picture because it give the perspective of looking into the distance as far as possible, with people getting smaller as well as the amount of grass getting less as the picture recedes.
I chose this picture because it gave the perspective of looking down the beachside.
This piece was chosen because the picture recedes into one focal point which gives this a one point perspective.
I chose this because it goes back into space showing how theres so much going on even in the background.
I chose this because the perspective in this gives us the idea of just how big this grave yard is and gives us the sad feeling we get when we see full graveyards.
I chose this because the trees give us a point where everything goes back to, creating a one point perspective that goes off the page.
The perspective of this picture almost looks as if someone took a picture from the top of a mountain, overlooking the expanse of the jungle.
I chose this because the road gives a clear, one point perspective, telling our eye where to focus and how far the picture goes back in space.