"Every Age projects its own image in its arts" This is true for both Impressionist and Post-Impressionist, who focused on capturing the color and light reflected in a single moment. Post-Impressionists also added deep emotion and feeling to make the paintings seem more meaningful. By adding emotion to the color of a single moment /these two types of artists portrayed the period well. In my gallery Claude Monet(Impressionist) and Vincent Van Gogh(Post-Impressionist)

This painting by Claude Monet is a classic example of an Impressionist piece. You can see the clear attention to color and a focus on the way that the light is reflected off the surface of the water. There is also almost no black what at all in this painting, which was common with most impressionists, who did not like using the color black in their art.
This painting is another example of an attempt to catch light and color reflecting off the surface of the water and how the reflection is different on the waves then on the flat surface. You can also see the shadows from the large cliff on the water as well. Once again there is little to no black and where black would be Monet uses dark blues and greens.
Monet attempts to capture the colors reflecting off this woman's dress as well as the different shads of blue scattered throughout the sky and in the clouds. This one also has more detail than some other Impressionist pieces, but still has the same attention on the lighting and color. There is once again no black in the painting only very dark greens.
Vincent Van Gogh pays attention to color and light in this piece just as Monet did in his, however he adds sort of his own style and emotion into this painting, it is a little less realistic, and more focused on Van Gogh's perception of the landscape. It's also a bit blurrier and less detail, but brings out more of an emotional response from the viewer.
This painting by Vincent Van Gogh also pays attention to the lighting of the sand and the shadows that come off the trees. In this painting Van Gogh uses very short brushstrokes that you can actually see throughout the piece. There is also great attention to the different colors throughout the sand. A person can be seen in the background, but the focus of this painting is clearly the landscape and the way it makes the artist and viewer feel.
This painting very similarly to the last has people in it, but the people are less important than the actually scene itself. Van Gogh puts great work into the many different shades of blue and white throughout the sky. He definitely captured how the sky would have been lit up at this time during the day. If he had painted this at a different time of day, the painting could have looked completely different and would have evoked different emotions.
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